Our Technology

Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound waves are concentrated at the mid-plane focused between opposing jaws, an inside-to-out pattern. This therapeutic delivery method should result in no tissue charring, no tissue sticking to the jaws, and no smoke plume.

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Electrically Neutral

Transducer tiles

Transducers embedded into UltraStat device jaws transmit direct therapeutic ultrasound, or DTU, to a wide range of tissue thicknesses and vessel diameters. The UltraStat DTU energy is confined to the width of the jaws and concentrated at the mid-plane focused midway between opposing jaws. This results in the application of energy from the inside out, delivering a controlled, and uniform therapy coagulation zone without passing electric current through the patient.

Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound

Novuson’s patented DTU technology represents the first substantive innovation in over 25 years for targeting vessel sealing / dividing, and hemostasis (bleeding control) in surgical and trauma applications.

Existing RF solutions rely on transmission of high frequency electrical currents through the patient, and “Harmonic” solutions rely on friction heat by means of mechanically vibrating cutting bars. Both are severely limited in speed, precision and range of application.



Novuson Surgical's DTU technology has been shown to rapidly and precisely coagulate tissue from delicate vital structures to 50mm thick organ cross-sections. This is accomplished without electrical current to the patient. This level of performance is unprecedented and disruptive to its market.